Did You Say SparX?

SparX is a small team executing on the firm belief that the future of eCommerce is driven by technical innovation and operational excellence.

We operate in skunk works mode within Staples, with an exceptional degree of autonomy, tasked to design and build the products that will shape Staples’ future.

We do not wait for technical innovation to bake before we start leveraging it. Quite the contrary, we recognize the trend early and push in driving the technology forward. We have been leveraging Big Data, Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Real-time Distributed Systems, and Clojure as early as 2010. We draw all this together to build actual products, running in production, and which directly impact Staples’ bottom line.

The great thing is that Staples is the world’s 3rd largest eCommerce player, so no problem is trivial and the sky is the limit. If you want a worthy challenge: scale, a firehose of data, the chance to target and impact 50 million users… we got it!

Join the Team

Sounds like the kind of environment in which you would make a difference? We are always seeking talented and passionate people with a flair for machine learning, engineering, design, products, operations, and more. Bonus points if you can bridge 2 or more of these together. We love people with strong fundamentals and who can dive deep.

We’re a small team, so you will have an opportunity for a high-impact role, targeting over 50 million users.

But our best perk is our colleagues: a diverse and extremely talented team of stunning engineers, data-scientists and eCommerce experts.

Get in touch at careers@stapleslabs.com – you’ll never look back!

Open Positions:


Our main office is located at:

2 W 5th Ave, 3rd Floor, San Mateo, CA 94402

above the Comerica Bank, on El Camino Real.