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SparX is a small engineering team focused on applying online machine learning and predictive modeling to eCommerce (impacting a 24 billion dollar business).

We apply engineering and data science to tough problems such as dynamic pricing, shipping estimations, personalized emails, and multi-variate testing.

We are always looking for talent in data-science, engineering and devops. Bonus points if you can bridge 2 of these together. We love people with strong fundamentals who can dive deep.

We’re a small team, so you will have an opportunity for a high-impact role, targeting over 50 million users. You will be working on some of the bleeding edge problems with the freedom to chose your language, tools and algorithms. You will have access to all the resources and data from the second biggest etailer in the world.

But our best perk is our colleagues: a diverse and extremely talented team of stunning engineers, data-scientists and eCommerce experts.

At Sparx we believe that providing an environment with the freedom to explore and share is the quickest way to innovate. For instance, we have invested in developing a powerful experimentation platform that enables us to quickly try out newer algorithms to learn and innovate fast. Also a lot of our scientists and engineers actively contribute to open source projects and regularly present our learnings at conferences and through articles.

We are located in San Mateo, walking distance from the Cal-Train station. Come visit or apply online at


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